Darteeurope corporate products
Darteeurope corporate products

Over the past 20 years we have expanded our business areas from export and import to accessories and interior design with natural stones.

By Darte Stone

About D'arte stone

We are the natural stone importer and manufacturer as well as the world leader in natural stone. Since 2000, we have been active as one of the largest and most successful companies in the export and import sector in the natural stone market. Over the past 20 years we have expanded our business areas from export and import to accessories and interior design with natural stones. Together with our professional architects, we have designed unique products from natural stone. We always strive to offer our products at competitive prices and guarantee their high quality and performance first hand.


Our corporate values

We always choose the best destinations with the right investments to always offer our customers the best quality and variety of products. A corporate culture geared towards people forms the foundation of our success in our company. We continuously support our employees on their individual career path, as we see this as the first priority at D'arte Group.

Additionally, we believe that the key to success is adhering to essential principles. Based on this conviction, we attach particular importance to our business ethics and our code of conduct, which is based on honesty and fairness towards our customers and employees. Fair dealing for mutual benefit in all our relationships is our top priority.


Not only economic, but above all ecological and social aspects play an important role at the D'arte Group. By acting in an exemplary manner, we can fulfill our responsibility to current and future generations. In order to do something good for our environment, we are committed to eco-friendly and energy-efficient business out of conviction. We see natural stones as an endless life cycle of durability and longevity.

Corporate partner

In addition, we rely on strong and committed partners in the supply chain in order to always be able to act efficiently and in a customer-specific manner. One of our strong partners is Angelo Ceramic, an Italian marble and ceramics manufacturer.

‘’From the heart of nature to the heart of your home’’



About D'arte table


Nature is not a fashion trend. It is what defines us and what is closest to ourselves. Nature is our designer, she creates unvarnished truths. Natural stone is part of this truth. Stones are natural sculptures, their composition is anything but one-dimensional. They tell stories. About the world, how it came about and what it wants to be in the future. They are an image of the past and the future, it is not for nothing that the timelessness lives in this material. It is our job to capture the beauty of this material without changing its essence. Natural stone comes far closer to eternity than we humans ever could. We know how tempting it can be to keep adding new things to your home, when it's much more about stripping away the superfluous and sticking to the essentials. Natural stone is the key. Stone is pure beauty. Organically inspired aesthetic unmatched in its simplicity and so endlessly compelling.

The table is one of the most widely used household items, which in addition to its utility, increases the beauty of the environment. They include dining tables, tables in front of the sofa, tables and small tables in the bedroom. Various materials are used to make reception tables, such as stone, wood, glass and metal. Nowadays, not only one specific material is used to make a table, but a combination of different materials is used to make durable tables. All-stone tables have been the first home appliances used by humans, which are heavy. Today, to solve this problem, only the top of the table is made of stone and the body is made of light durable materials such as plated metals.



About D'arte ceramics:

Monte porcelain for countertops focuses on innovative possibilities to create a perfect ambience depending on diverse needs of contemporary living. Our experience and commitment to research and development, using advanced technology and meticulous processes resulted in technical strength and aesthetically flawless features of stylish surfaces in residential, commercial, Office or industrial spaces. Monte presents trendsetting products to designers and end-users ranging from tabletops, kitchen counter tops and kitchen islands; to bathroom vanities and loose furniture such as coffee and end tables. We have tried to break down the barriers of conventional spaces while creating contemporary lifestyle distinguished by elegance and prestige and this feature makes Monte a synonym for quality and reliability. The extra-large ceramic tiles are directly inspired by mother nature with varying degrees of similarity in pursuit of timeless beauty transformed into seemingly authentic marbles.

Ceramic is a product that is semi-glassy due to being baked at a certain temperature and has the properties of very low water absorption, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance and mechanical impact resistance. Ceramic is a type of tiles, and in the construction industry, tiles whose particles are more compacted together are called ceramics. As a result of this compression, these ceramics become harder and more scratch-resistant and are more resistant to acids. Their water absorption is very small, almost zero, and they do not absorb waste materials.






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